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Hi all,
im trying to re direct my google business domain that i bought to here(free hosting),how do i do that i put the name servers in my google account i think i did it properly but noyhing happens only the google sitenot my custom site that ive uploaded,please can someone help me understand T.I.A

Hi and welcome to the forum

Domain name?


Hi There,
I have purchased a domain name through google and what im trying to do is upload my custom site here and re direct to my domain @ google but no joy,im a bit stuck

I’m a little confused - you mentioned this first

You got the answer

and again you didn’t specify a domain so no one present on this forum can check

and now a different intention :

does that mean you have some A domain here on hosting
and you want to redirect traffic from it to some B domain which is on google?
A → B

Or you use the word “redirection” beyond its true meaning ?
And you just want to add a domain here to the hosting
but for some reason you fail or don’t see what you would like?

Domain is? :smile:


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