RapidSSL authorisation


I have bought a SSL from RapidSSL which has been emailed to an alias address. I don’t have alias addresses so need to authorise via DNS TXT or Fileauth. Either I’m not understanding what they’re asking of me or it’s not possible on Inifnity Free

My domain is from GoDaddy, hosted by Infinity Free and the page is built using Mobirise.
Can anybody give me a step-by-step as I’ve reached my technical limit and there isn’t a budget to pay for any upgrades.

You can’t add TXT records on free hosting if you use our nameservers, nor can you use the file upload method to authorize the SSL request because of the security system. So you have another option to do: use your own nameservers (even Cloudflare ones should do the job), point your domain and the www subdomain with an A record to the IP you can find by following this KB article and add the TXT record on the DNS management panel of your nameservers, if your own nameservers support doing that too.


Or just use our free SSL certificates. No idea why you would still pay someone for an SSL certificate in 2020.


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