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have some questions.

  1. do you have to log in to your account every so often to keep it active? is it ever deleted due to inactivity?

  2. when I first signed up, I picked a free domain. in Vpanel that is listed under “Add-On Domains” but an add-on domain is supposed to be a subdomain of your own seperately registered domain, but hosted here. that isn’t what it is. so is it in the wrong place? or what happened

  3. (I created 2 more free domains) looking in Vpanel it says I have 1 add-on domain of unlimited, and 2 subdomains of unlimited. does each account get unlimited subdomains? and you get 3 accounts?

  4. is the 5 GB disk space alloted per account, or over all 3 accounts you might have, or what

  1. if I change (or delete/recreate) the first domain that is called an add-on domain, does that break the functionality of the other 2 free subdomains, or delete them, or how does that work

You should log in to the control panel at least once a week if your website has no hits.

All domains, paid or free are listed there. It should have been there only to list and add custom domains though.

You can create three accounts per email. In each account, you can add a max of 9999 domains (free or custom).

5 GB per account.

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I want to correct a few things @jaikrishna.t said:

No, you do not need to login to your account.

We do delete accounts if we consider them inactive, but for this, we only look at the traffic your website gets. So as long as someone is visiting your website, we’ll make sure that the website is available for them to see.

This can just be yourself too.

The domain name you choose when creating your account is always added to the Addon Domains list, even if it’s a free subdomain. It’s not very logical, I know, but this is how it has always worked.

That’s three accounts per PERSON. You are not allowed to sign up multiple times to create more than three accounts. If you do this, we may choose to terminate all your accounts.

If you delete the initial domain name of the account, all other domains on the accounts just keep working.

Please do note though: the initial domain name of your account is linked to the main htdocs folder, but any domain names added later on get their own folder. If you delete the initial domain and then add it back, it will also get it’s own folder, and you’ll need to move your website files to the new folder manually.


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