Random Folders Appeared

The folders I’ve highlighted in green randomly appeared in my file manager. What are they?

This is normal if you use Softaculous

I don’t know what that is.

It is the installer within the control panel. It is how you easily install things like WordPress onto your site.


I don’t need it. How do I remove it?

Did I add it manually without realising or does it randomly appear for everyone after a few days by default?

Just leave them, they don’t do any harm to your site. Also, are you sure you have never installed something with softaculous? Double-check and make sure.

No, the only way those are added are if you install something with softaculous.

Nope. See above.

If you really want it gone, you can just delete the folders like you do any other file. (Actually , it might not let you delete due to permissions. If that is the case, just leave them alone.)

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I deleted it. Can I also delete the email folder too? I don’t use email with cPanel or Infinity Free.


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cPanel was working before the cPanel folder existed. Why is that there now? All I see in there are caches and a few seemingly blank files.

Basically, Softaculous adds those files so it loads faster.
The caches in there are just so that it remembers that you installed a software.


So I can delete the cPanel folder too?

Do it if you want. They’ll just come back when you open Softaculous again


They won’t come back because I don’t use Softaculous. I don’t even know what it is.

It’s part of the cPanel. You can install software there (like WordPress)

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I’m not going to, so I will delete it.

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