Qustion about logs

Does the server save any logfiles? And if, for how long. I need to know this for the privacy notice of my country. I found no log files while looking at the server with filezilla.

After deleting your account (domain or hosting account), the data will be permanently deleted after 60 days.

That was not my question. I need to know if the server saved any IP adresses or user agent information. I dont want to delete my accout lmao.

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Yes they do save logs. Read privacy policy

yes it is stored to manage the traffic info

The privacy policy says nothing about data collection on the Servers. It only talks about my account.

Please share a link. The privacy policy says nothing about data collection on the servers. It only talks about my account.

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Please share link. They dont talk about server data collection in the privacy policy only about my account. Please read it yourself. Or is there another privacy policy im not aware of.

Do you know how long its stored, and where ?

You cannot access the logs that InfinityFree keeps. If you need to add a statement to your privacy policy, say that information is shared with third parties, and information such as IP, and browser data may be stored and sent to third parties.

Ok, thats what I needed to know. Thank you.

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