Quota Full

What exactly does this mean? And usually when the quota’s full, does it means you have to delete entire single folder from WordPress in create a new one unless you upgrade to premium version?

Write clearly. Do you mean this?


Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to let you know that your site has used/almost used all if its disk quota.

This disk quota includes your mysql database sizes.

We would suggest you should consider upgrading your account to a premium (paid) account where the resource limits are MASSIVLY upgraded, where your site can continue to grow.

You also receive a free (.info , .com , .net , or .org) domain name with every premium account !!

To upgrade now, simply goto https://ifastnet.com/portal/aff.php?aff=

If you do not upgrade you may need to remove files using FTP or the file manager in your control panel, or database tables/records in order to continue using the free account.


Like say, if disk quota gets full, you have to delete entire photos or some? That part I’m totally confused

I wonder is it the same thing ur referring to?

Each hosting account is limited to 5GB in storage. If your account is approaching this figure, it is time to do some housekeeping.


Hey but, if you delete some photos and not all, it still should work right?

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Provided it stay below the limit


Awww thank you very much. You been a big help. If I run into anymore trouble, I’ll come to you guys


No problem :slight_smile:


Great, still say critical error


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The Critical error is from Word Press end and you need update the plugins and themes you use in WordPress especially if use Astra this error keeps occurring I have experienced this a lot of times

Please try updating the plugins and themes you use and let me know if this still continue


I’m going to set WP_Debug to true instead of false.

Identifying the broken plugin or theme

If you were trying to install or update a specific addon, you can skip this step. But if you were running a bulk update, or an automatic update happened while you were away, you may be wondering which plugin or theme failed has broken down.

You can figure this out by enabling debug mode in WordPress:

  1. Login to an FTP client of your choice or our web based file manager (found in the client area and control panel).
  2. Navigate to your website folder (which is htdocs for your first domain and example.com/htdocs for addon domains and subdomains).
  3. Open the file wp-config.php and find the line which contains WP_DEBUG. On that line, replace false with true and save the file.
  4. Refresh the page on your website and you should now see error messages.

In these error messages, you should search for texts like wp-content/plugins/ and wp-content/themes/. The word right after that is the folder of the plugin or theme which is generating the error, which is generally the broken plugin or theme.

Don’t forget to disable WP_DEBUG after you’ve seen the error message. The option should not be left enabled for live sites, because it might expose sensitive information.

it says refresh page and I should refresh page and see errors. Where do I find it? And after that, How do I disable WP_DEBUG so it won’t expose information?

Find what? The errors? Just refresh the page, WP will print them on the website.

The same way you turned it on


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