Questions for The Community.

Hello our free hosting’s users and and our forum’s visitors!

To make forum not so focused around questions and answers i have decited to ask the community some questions about their daily website/hosting life.

  1. Do you pay for your domains or you rather use free domains and sub-domains?
  2. Are you complete beginner at setting up websites, are you a average webmaster or you know how to set-up websites, but only with CMS help without coding anything by yourself, or you code all your websites by yourself?
  3. How well are you educated about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and about getting better Google search results for your website?
  4. For how long are you working with websites, when you started? How much you have learned? Could you make a website for one of the local businesses if you were asked to and if you were getting payed for it?
  5. If you own any rare/namesnipe domains, what are they?
  6. In which ‘place’ you are in your family/friendhood/town/community by website knowledge?

Those were the questions that I wanted to ask to the community :).
I would be very happy to hear your answers.



Well, life doesn’t have to be that complicated. I don’t pay if I don’t need to. I’m pro to free stuffs that’s why I also contribute and distribute free stuffs.

Beginner about Websites most especially on server and domain hosting.

Self-taught technical abilities.

I guess I should participate in the talk too.

  1. I usually pay if I can for stuff that you cannot get otherwise for free, but if I can get something for free then I use the chance. However real domains like .com and others are the ones that everyone should try to spend some of their earnings cause they make your website look more proffesional.

  2. I still do not know how to code on PHP or JavaScript, but I can easily set-up good looking websites with Content Management Systems like WordPress and others.

  3. I think I am quite well educated about SEO. I am not an proffesional at Search Engine Optimisation, but I always read the latest SEO tips and check if my sites are doing well on Google and if they are not doing well I try to fix the problem that is causing bad indexing on my website.
    I can give a tip to you all. Make sure to add your website to Google webmaster tools and verify it. Also make sure to set your website’s specified customer base. If you are running a website for your local business set it to your country.
    Another tip for those who are running a local business, make sure to add it to Google Maps and confirm it on Google Business and create Facebook page for it. This will get better search results for your business.
    Also alot of people do not know how to properly use titles and descriptions. If your search keyword which is the keyword that you want to display your site first when searched on Google, if it doesn’t display your site on first link then check the competitors and determine their SEO level. What tags, descriptions, titles and what site structure they have and use.

  4. I am working with websites since 2015 October or December if I am right, but because of good communities like InfinityFree and GrendelHosting and because of their will to provide free hosting to other people I managed to learn atleast some basic stuff about managing websites and I am learning more with every day.
    If I have never found Grendel Hosting at first I probally wouldn’t know till to this day how to make a website.
    So it turns out that I have been doing website stuff only for 7 months, but I already know the basics.
    One thing which prevents most of people from trying something new is the rumors that they hear. Usually when it comes to technology-stuff, everyone thinks that it’s something very complicated where you need ‘hacker’ skills and you need to write 1000s of lines of complex codes, but no, that is not true.
    You can create your own proffesional website even without any PHP or JavaScript skills at all.

  5. I own a domain called, but I am not sure if it is that rare. Well it’s combination of name International and Web and it has .org extension. It is a perfect domain name for a Internet-based organisation.
    I also own domain which sounds very good and is easily to remember. I don’t plan to sell it or give it away because it is a very catchy domain name, yet I have no clue what I am going to use it for.

  6. I would say I am in the 1st place in my family, friendhood and local community, but there probally are people in my town who may know more than I do, but I am always ready to teach others about websites and educate them.

Thank you for sharing Mike. You’re awesome.

About that SEO thing, let’s connect some time. This is my Hangouts account. [email protected]


  1. I use free domains and sub domains (courtesy Freenom) when I am testing. But I do buy domains when I am done with the project and ready to release it.

  2. I call myself an average webmaster and completely dislike the ultra popular CMS WordPress. I don’t have the time to code everything myself and I do use external resources just like all other coders do.

  3. I am educated enough I feel like, however it may not be the case; do not really know.

  4. I’ve worked with websites 3 years or so. I’ve learned a shit ton. I totally could make one; ironically, my next “project” is about doing so.

  5. None. I ain’t rich, yo.

  6. What Place I stand in:

    • Family = Untouchable no one’s even close. (Except for Mum maybe)
    • Friend hood = First Again (Better than you Roman!)
    • Town = IDK. Top Ten?

Thnx for the Q’s Mike.

Enjoy Reading,