Questions before I moving from another host

I plan to move IFastNet Super Premium (Yearly) as my other domains and hosting expires. I have four domains and they will expire on 4th June, 13rd June, 25th November and 21st December. Hosting will expire on 16th December. As you can see half year left on my current hosting and I doesn’t want to start a new one until it will ends.
I need advice on how to do the moving process without loosing any opportunity.
Thanks in advance

First after purchasing a plan, you may start backing up data from your previous host (files, database, etc). Then once you move your files and other stuff to iFastnet hosting, you may slowly want to point the domains to ifastnet nameservers. Then when renewal time arrives, move the domain to iFastnet. I believe you’ll have more questions now, please feel free to aks them!

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Thank you. So I have to start a hosting plan, no other options… Is it possible to park/use my existing domains on your InfinityFree host until December? By the way, can you (free or paid service) domains?


yes you can park your domains here by using the Parked Domains option in the vPanel.

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Wanted to say: can you host… but it is clear now, thank you


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