Questions about Website Builder

Planning to build a mini-game on Here is my list of questions:

  1. Can I build a web-based game on a website builder?
  2. Can I upload a source code on, or is it just drag and drop?
  3. Can I manipulate the source code there, like on traditional hosting sites?
  4. Can I use HTML5, WebGL, or JavaScript to make mini-games there?

The reason I was asking this is because I have a starter account and don’t know what to do with my plan. I bought it because it was tempting (only $0.12/month). I just want to use the account for hobby things like this one.



Not really. I suppose you can mess with the exported code after you send it to InfinityFree


Site.Pro is a drag-and-drop website builder, not a fully-featured web host like InfinityFree is.

These are also better questions for Site.Pro, not here. Maybe there is a way you can do what you want to do on the paid plan that you have, I don’t know. I really only know the free plan, I’ve never paid them money myself.


The target audience of is for people who want to build their website without having to do any coding.

If you buy hosting at, you don’t get a traditional web hosting account, you get a website with a builder. There is no file manager, no FTP and no cPanel. Because for the target audience, that’s just confusing tech stuff that gets between them and the content they want to publish.

If you want to buy a hosting account, the Lite plan at iFastNet is about as cheap as you can get. $20 per year is a lot more than $1 per year, but I have never seen any reputable company offering hosting for even less than that.

That said, I have heard of some companies that do give you a full web hosting account without having to pay anything at all! So if $20 per year is too much, then maybe a completely free offer would work better for you?


I have tested it out, and I must say it lacks essential functionality. Currently, there are no search bar function plugins (only available for commerce search, not custom). There are no radio button plugins, drop-down buttons, data table plugins, or even a custom input/output box. It’s so limited. I don’t know what to do with this tool. The most important function to me is a custom search function that you can use to navigate media or find text, and not only for a store. Just like when you navigate a database or something. Specified buttons are also limited. And there is no standalone content sorter tool or content filtering tool. I can only see this as usable for an e-store, a microblog, or a mini-bio.

That’s exactly the people who it’s marketed for. It’s not meant for large scale sites, or anything complicated. It’s meant to be beginner-friendly and super easy to use.


It’s a website builder. It’s intended first and foremost to be easy to use so people with little technical experience can build a website. It’s not intended to be extremely versatile and flexible, because that level of customization only makes things complicated for novice website owners.

MS Paint and Adobe Illustrator each have their target audience. Just because one is more suitable for you than doesn’t mean the other is objectively bad.

With your apparent level of experience and sophisticated needs, any web builder is going to be too limited for you. So please stop looking at them. Website builders are not intended for you.


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