Questions about Plan Upgrading

-I have a website which is 12.6 Gigabytes big, before the database export, which is 286 Megabytes big. What plugins could I turn to to reduce the size of my website proper? Is there likely a way I can reduce my (WordPress + Website + Database) total to fit inside 5 GB for a free account? **What is the advice, if I want to try and remain within a free account? Wasn’t InfinityFree originally unlimited storage? Is it possible to ask for more GB of storage for free, say, 50 GB of storage on my account? **

-Instead of paying on a Monthly basis, is it possible to pay on a yearly one, or an indefinite one, and if so, how, and how much? Is it possible to get InfinityFree to convert an existing internal website account to a diffeent account, instead of me starting again, creating a new account object?

-The costs on the website for the present three (3) plans are monthly, and just submitted in dollars ($). Are these USD, United States dollars?

Like I’ve been telling you repeatedly in your other topic: STOP TRYING TO SOLVE EVERY ISSUE BY ADDING PLUGINS.

In this case, the issue is that your website is too big. And now you’re asking “what can I add to make it less big”. But that makes no sense. You don’t need to add stuff, you need to remove stuff. Remove plugins you don’t need. Remove data you don’t need. That’s the way to reduce the size of your website.

It was originally advertised as unlimited storage. However, there was a 5 GB fair usage limit all along. We didn’t know this originally either, but shortly after we found it, we updated the official limit to match the actual limit.

We already provide hosting for free. 5 GB storage, for free, for unlimited time, no payment required ever.

But the hosting isn’t free, iFastNet spends a lot of money on servers and maintenance to be able to offer it. So we can’t just give you unlimited everything for free, because that would be way too expensive for us, and remove any incentive to switch to premium services.

We provide for free what we can and are willing to provide for free. If we were willing to give away more for free, we would have done so already. So if you want more space, you’ll need to pay for it.

On the page with the plans, click the “Paid Yearly” box to see the annual prices.

iFastNet doesn’t have any “lifetime hosting” plans, and very few providers do. And I would suggest to stay away from them. The thing with hosting is that you’re basically renting server space. There is virtually no upfront cost for the provider, but a constant ongoing cost of datacenter space, power, bandwidth, and server maintenance. It’s not like a phone or a loaf of bread, where you pay for the materials and labor to create it, which has virtually no cost for the manufacturer afterwards.

You can send a ticket to iFastNet and they will migrate your site to premium hosting for free.

Yes, it’s all USD.


On the page with the plans, click the “Paid Yearly” box to see the annual prices.

-Can someone please kindly reply with an internet URL to this plan page, because I cannot find it, kindly, if someone may?

And check this box:


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