How do I get moderator on this fourm


Only admin can answer on that question…

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Member for 15 days.

I’d say you’re jumping a bit too long, moderating is not as easy as pie, people must trust you to at least have one requirement for being a moderator. It’s not like you’ll become moderator and have permissions to delete users because ‘ah hey him again, I’ll delete him because I’ve grudge on him’.

You’re not even civil on this forum, it’s quite rude to flag answers or even who hints you.

Moderators here are chosen as moderator because we spend our time on helping people, trying to be civil with even rude people (except for some times) and they’re also here for over 1 year, we’re trusted here, we do not abuse our moderation powers etc.

TL;DR Being moderator is not easy, but you don’t have to be a moderator to help people :slight_smile:


Good, because I have been helping people quite a bit

That’s good :slight_smile:

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You become a moderator if I trust you that you will help keep the forum clean. That means you should have a good record of activity and for me to trust your judgement. I.e. not someone who just spams and begs to be made a moderator. Being a moderator is not a prize you can win, it’s a job you need to be qualified for.



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