Question to other users of this hosting!

Hello peeps!

I wonder can you download your database? I mean can you import your database from phpmyadmin? I am asking that because I can’t do.

While importing database it is giving an error, it says can’t reach… Have you ever faced the same issue if yes, how did you fix it?

It’ll help us a lot if you share the error message.

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it says can’t reach database, in addition my website blocked, it redirectering to can’t access to my website control panel

If your website was suspended during the file transfer, then it’s likely your database user was disabled too when your account was suspended, which kicked you out of phpMyAdmin. If you try again after your account was reactivated, you may have more luck.

Although, I am a bit curious about the suspension though. Did you run a big import script on your website or did you setup your own phpMyAdmin installation?

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It’s been failing since I created website. It suddenly suspended yesterday.And could you provide me database backup, please? Because I am afraid to lose my users and content databases.

You can export your database when your account is reactivated. We don’t make backups on request for accounts which have been suspended for hitting the daily limits.


Hello! I got it. It’s reactivated and working well. But when I try to backup:
It is while I am trying export database:

I just tried to export your database and I didn’t get any errors like that. Can you please try again?

If that doesn’t work, you could try to export your database in multiple, separate backups. So instead of exporting all tables at once, you could export only a subset of tables in multiple exports.


Okay, thanks!

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