Question(s) for Daily Hits

Question 1: If you only create 1 file in your website and it is a php, when visited it will run the code [[“echo ‘hello’;”]], when a somebody visits the page, will your daily hit be used? and/or how much will it take up.

Question 2: When you send a request to that 1 php file with json encoded data, will a daily hit be used, and/or how much will be used.

Thank you, Excepict.

From the KB article:

A hit is a simply request to a file on your website, which can be a HTML or PHP page, an image, a CSS file or something else.

If a visitor loads a single page which has two CSS files, three Javascript files and five images, that will generate a total of 11 hits to load that page. If your website code makes any requests to your website in the background (like with a chat script), these requests count towards your hits usage as well.


Does it count if the php page is visited, I know that if u reuqest it, it will count, but if its visited by people, the explanation is kinda confusing

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Yes, the page is requested from the server by the visitors browser, so a hit is used.

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The hits limit is measured by how many STATIC files are being loaded per client. If one person goes to your home page, and has to load 3 JS & CSS files, that counts as 3 hits. If there are no static files being loaded, the hits won’t increase.


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