Question before buying a domain name

i am planning on buying a domain name for my website from
my question is, are my emails going to be changed from [email protected] to [email protected] after i change my domain name?
Thank You.

My website URL is: removed by mod

No it will not happen automatically. You have to configure it properly.

I meant to ask if it’s possible to change it to .com after i get my domain, i guess that answers my question, thank you

you change this in your mail settings, but depends what kind of mail you want to transfer. For example from all mail acounts you can transfer your contacts, but if you transfere for example from source in two different mail open source programs is not possible, but for contacts no problem, here all is very good done and for mail transfering on a new domain is not problem if you have here account all!!! Ciao
here all admins are doctors of information technology!!!
sorry for my english

i get a little of what you were trying to say, thank you

se capisci italiano e meglio ti posso scrivere in italiano

A mogu da ti pričam sa 7 jezika ali kaži koji čes da pričamo

Sorry amigo english is not my language

italian, spanish, slovenia, german, portugese, russian, ecc… but english is not my first choice, sorry

ciao from medditeran area adriatic sea,

sorry i can better explainmyself in italian or croatian or my language sorry for my bad english and i type too fast too fourious

lol no worries :slight_smile:

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