Question about using WordPress through Softaculous in InfinityFree and CPanel

When creating a MySQL(Maria) WordPress database on the InfinityFree Servers, if I choose not to use the randomised ‘epiz_88888888_’, but some other name, does that run the risk of creating problems with my Database, and with WordPress and my WordPress website?

When I go to [Home\My Account\Control Panel\InfinityFree<MySQL Databases>]

(It may be possible by doing a WordPress Archive Upload and Restore, certainly if I can get that to work within WordPress that I install through using Softaculous).

You can only create databases through the NySQL Databases in vPanel. If you found another way to do it, don’t because you will run the risk of breaking the database.

Once you have created the database, find you WordPress database export and import it to phpMyAdmin (please don’t ask how, use the search bar, that’s why it’s here). Then upload the files via FileZilla to your /htdocs directory.

And as we have told you before, why don’t you just try, not ask a thousand questions before, and then if you do run into a problem, ask it!


Instead, report that to us, because depending on the exact method, it may not just risk breaking your own database, but also the databases of others.

This is the reason you cannot create databases directly on the database server, but only through our panel.


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