Question about upgrading to Premium

Will upgrading to premium require me to re-do all my SSL stuff and Re-Setup my domain name again? It was quite the pain to do those things the first time around.

And does the 4.99 a month premium include site builder? That was one of the only reasons why I came to InfinityFree and it was awesoem that the free hosting had that. I host a portfolio which doesn’t require paid hosting because it’s not a website that requires much traffic or bandwidth… It was SUCH a disappointment to see the site builder removed from the free hosting. I believe many people who used the service before will move to other hosts due to that

Next time, if you have questions about premium hosting, please ask them to the premium hosting provider, iFastNet, directly. InfinityFree, like the name suggests, only provides free hosting.

I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can, but pleas consider that my answers are from customer experience, I am not an authoritative source.

Maybe the premium hosting migration tool also migrates your SSL certificates to premium hosting, but I don’t know. What I do know is that premium hosting has Let’s Encrypt integrated so you just click a button and get Let’s Encrypt certificates requested, installed and automatically renewed.

And that’s only for the SSL certificate itself. Everything you did to configure your website for HTTPS is unrelated to that and will be migrated as-is.

Premium hosting includes Kopage, the same site builder that’s so bad right now we’re doing our best to sweep its existence under the rug. So for all intents and purposes, my answer is “no”.

Both iFastNet and InfinityFree are looking for website builders that can be offered on both free and premium hosting. So far, we don’t know of any suitable candidates. Sure, there are good website builders around, but many of them charge a fee per site, which makes them impossible for free hosting.

No need to explain to me why we need a (better) site builder. It’s just that no good candidate exists right now.


Very interesting. Thanks for taking the time out for your response and including those additional details. I do remember the old sitebuilder on Cpanel you guys had years back. It worked perfectly fine for my needs. It just doesn’t exist/isn’t available to us anymore. Wish I knew more about it than remembering that it was called “Site Builder”. Is Kopage a visual builder like the previous one, and does it allow you to edit any html/css template? Or do you have to use ‘it’ to build your website?

You also have the option to install a site builder in you computer and, after building your website, you can upload it to the server to make it public and available to the world. :slight_smile:


Ah! I wish it were that easy! There are so many site builders out there. Not all are free, and I have downloaded some, which I did not find helpful. Some of them create blatant non removable advertisements on your page. Maybe I’ll check out the ones you linked

Have you already tried Gramateria? It’s a simple drag and drop site builder.

It’s actually quite easy to use. If you want to use it on your computer locally, you can just download the repo, extract the archive and simply open the “index.html” file on your browser.


I have not! I will definitely check it out. Thanks a lot!

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but pleas


Did I catch admin misspelling/misusing a word!!!


Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:
The word exists.


Please (thewebuser22 and alexvf) don’t be offtopic. Thx !


In the long run, I would recommend learning HTML, CSS, JS.

Sure, it’s a drag sometimes (I still am having problems visualizing layouts and learning how to do them), but it’s worth it because then you are independant. Like you mentioned, sometimes those site builders are just really annoying, putting ads on your website or being efficient. Codecademy has some good (free) tutorials on them and I personally recommend their service (it’s awesome for a free tutorial).

As for your other question with transferring your data
Your SSLS will be transferred (as with pretty everything in your account) to your premium level (most services and not just ifast try to do this).

In addition, you also have access to other languages like NodeJS and Python.


Yeah, I was going to respond with an actual answer but like, internet problems :confused:

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The builder we used is called SitePro. The builder itself was pretty good and I wished we could still offer it. But didn’t play very well with our hosting platform, and iFastNet was very clear about not wanting to fix those.

But the final nail in the coffin was that they switched from a per-IP pricing to per-site pricing, which for us would have made the builder 50x the price or so.

Both Kopage and SitePro ship their own templates to build from. Website builders need to “understand” the structure of a site to be able to properly edit it, which is easiest if they have templates which they know work.

Editing HTML templates without knowing HTML and CSS is hard. Slicing the HTML into a theming engine for easier edits can make managing site content later on easier, but you still need to understand the HTML to do so. And if you want to make actual design changes, you’re going to have to deal with the CSS built by the template developer.

There are even plenty of free open source ones without ads. The thing is that most of them only have very basic modules. There’s text and images and that’s pretty much it. Many of the better website builders also have blogs, comments, ecommerce functionality, and so on.


@issacam Good PC drag and dropper create and upload


I’m trying that one now. I tried Mobirise and while it had a great easy to use interface, the program didn’t work for crap (couldn’t drag elements /blocks to any of the pages) and all their templates cost money + It wouldnt allow you to edit any of your own templates. @alexvf

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Hi IsaacAM,

I don’t really know any of them. I use Visual Studio Code or Notepad++.
I only brought them here because they were recommended somewhere in InfinityFree’s knowledge base or the forums. I can’t recall where exactly.

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You really get wordpress in there and add elmentor really what worries and like understand it is even more better

Really ucan get a nulled version of pro to open more features or use addons i use addons nearlly 5 addon plugins so that all the pro features

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