Question about premium upgrade and pings

Hello, I am trying to get a text file from my app and i can not get it to work because you guys block pings. If i upgrade to premium will it work?

Hi and welcome to the forum

How are you trying to do it and through which software (or browser) ?
Is that txt.file stored on the server here?
and where your app is located/hosted ?

Ping doesn’t matter in this case because what you need is to use
HTTP GET request - using a browser (a device that can store cookies and run javascript)

I apologize if I misunderstood something, but this is the answer I could give based on the information you provided.


I cant get my text file content, also when i do curl steht zum Verkauf - Sedo GmbH i get this response:
curl: (52) Empty reply from server


If i pay for upgraded version, would i be able to use what i typed before?


It’s not working because of the security system that @Oxy referred to in every post. And the article clearly says that “if you don’t want this, upgrade to premium”.

So yes, premium hosting does not have this system, so this functionality will work on premium hosting.