Question about pointing domain

Hello i have take a free hosting about 24hours ago but i need an answer about one thing.

I have my own domain name on a different registar and i just see if i want to point my dns from my actual hosting i need to point it on and that’s what i’ve made but during my reading of your documentation i just see that
Before you can add the domain name to your account, you need to verify it by settings the nameservers of the domain. The nameservers you can use are:
ns1.byet org
ns2.byet org
ns3.byet org
ns4.byet org
ns5.byet org

I’m a little bit confused about that, wich i need to set ? I did it wrong?
I know the time about propagation DNS but before to wait 72h i would like to know if my settings was correct.

The nameservers and nameservers are different names for the same servers. You can use either of them, or even both of them, which will all work the same.

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