Question about obtaining a Domain Name from InfinityFree

I wish to obtain or buy a domain name from InfinityFree, which I know for sure is available, non-parallel and not contested, on the public, global internet.

-Where do I go to do this, in the InfinityFree website? What do I do?

-Or may I obtain a domain name for free if I already have an InfinityFree Hosting account?

-May I pay for the domain name using PayPal?

-What information of my own am I required to supply?

-How long will the domain name last before expiring? One year? Will I receive an email to a nominated address as a reminder of expiry before that occurs?

-Once obtained, how much time will it be before my domain name becomes active through the public internet?

IF is not a domain registrar. So you are asking the wrong question.
You can get a domain from NameCheap, GoDaddy etc.

If you want free domain, Freenom or will do fine


IF does not sell domains but does promote a website that does which is separate from IF called iFastNet.


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