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Hi all,
so, i have created account and domain on Sunday, but it doesn’t showed up since then. I know about this DNS propagation, but im worried that this isn’t the problem in my case. When i first created website, it generated addon domain automatically, but right above it is warning/ note about setting up dns servers to ns1.epizy,com(can’t be a link since limitations for new users) etc. Then i checked and saw subdomains and i created one, same as main thinking that maybe for free domain it should be subdomain of, but that didn’t change anything for now.
I tried to clear dns cache and set my dns provider to Google’s and Cloudsflare’s, but that didn’t do the trick as well. So, should i do something else, or should i simply wait? My domain i’m talking about is And yes, i placed files in Htdocs, index.php to be specific. Actually even in two Htdocs’s folders.
Thanks for any help.

Hmm, your domain name appears to be assigned to a hosting account but our nameservers don’t appear to contain any DNS records for your domain.

Could you please try to remove the domain from your account and then add it again? That should typically trigger the creation of new DNS records which should fix your domain.

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Just to be clear, you mean addon domain, yes?

@Admin Well, there is another error. I deleted addon domain and then i tried to create it again but this error appeared ‘This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)’. So i headed to subdomain category and deleted this subdomain. But that doesn’t change anything as this error still occurs when i try to create addon domain. Is my hosting account completely broken now?

You need to create the subdomain from the “Subdomains” section of the Control Panel.

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@Ergastolator1 Ok, i created it. So now i have to wait another 72h, haven’t I?

Yes, you have.

I have one last wish. Could you, @Admin in spare time check whether this domain is now properly assigned to my account and your nameservers? I don’t want to wait this long just to realize, that this domain isn’t assigned again. I would be grateful.

Nevermind, it’s up now. Thanks for help with this :slight_smile:

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