Question about cms on php

Hello all,

I have my siteweb on InfinityFree but ii have a quesiton if I put a French cms (azuriom) on the site esque sa accepts the php because I am never successful in putting it on your site

Cordially, Lampalon_

Could you please screenshot what kind of error it is giving exactly?


i didn’t have any error

UPDATE : i have this site error when im concted on my web site :

I couldn’t see the image without clicking on the external hosting link without text attached to that link through Inspect Element. I’m going to publish the image on the forum servers for others to see:

I can see an ads page when accessing your website on my end though, sympthome that happens when you remove the domain from the hosting account. Please add it back from the “Subdomains” section of the Control Panel, then move your website files either through the File Manager or an FTP client from your htdocs folder to or upload the CMS from scratch always with an FTP client (if you don’t find the folder create it), then purge your browser cache and DNS cache.


Welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with Azuriom but, maybe this could be caused by the security measures used on free sites?

I can see from their website that Azuriom says “The next generation of gaming website”. Maybe it is doing some communications behind the scenes which is being blocked by the security script?

From the link I provided:

Which features are not supported?

Because of this security system, the following things will not work correctly or at all on websites on free hosting.

  • Access through Android or iOS mobile apps (mobile browsers work fine).
  • API access to websites (like WordPress XML-RPC).
  • Access from cURL or other command-line clients.
  • Website code validators and SEO checkers.
  • Domain ownership verification checks which look at website URLs or HTML code. Some webmasters tools and ad networks do this.
  • Let’s Encrypt and websites providing certificates through Let’s Encrypt (like or ).
  • AJAX requests from other websites (CORS). AJAX requests are only possible on the same (sub)domain.
  • Hotlinking and embedding images and other (static) files on other websites.


@solace-ken, on my end it doesn’t do that, as the installer for now checks the requirements and installs the CMS if they’re met, but there are no communications behind the scenes that are being blocked by the security system.

@Lampalon, I also checked by putting the Azuriom’s installation script on a test website I have on free hosting (in this case this one) and the installation script has two things that aren’t available and can’t be enabled on free hosting - except PHP 8.1 that will be rolled out once the extensions have been sorted out:

So in short: you can’t install Azuriom on free hosting because the requirements aren’t being met.


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