Queries regarding super premium web hosting account

My team wants to buy a super premium web hosting account. We have some queries before we can proceed. We would be greatful if you could answer these:

  1. Will API hosting be allowed?
  2. Can we make calls to 3rd party sms services(like textlocal)?
  3. Can we use InnoDB database engines?
  4. Can we create custom users in our databases? Is there any limit on how many users we can make?
  5. Can we connect our files to databases which are hosted in other web hosts?
  6. Can we alter settings in php.ini file?
  7. How can we connect our domain with our hosting account which we intend to buy?

Hi there.

Infinityfree doesn’t have premium plans, but Ifastnet has. please contact Ifastnet staff for that.


I can answer some of these questions for you out of my own experience. But like @anon19508339 said, the premium plans are not provided by us, so you may want to contact them to be sure.


Yes, although that’s also true for free hosting.

API access to external services is quite open on both our hosting and iFastNet’s premium hosting. We only restrict access to some social networking APIs (to prevent spam bots), but no such restrictions are present on iFastNet.


Yes. You can create as many custom database users as you want, and choose which permissions they have to which databases.

You can do this on both free and premium hosting. We don’t restrict access to external database hosting services.

The free hosting databases are not accessible to tools running elsewhere, so you cannot connect files on other web hosts to our free databases. But that is possible on premium hosting.

Point the domain to the nameservers of your premium account and add the domain to your account. It’s no different from our hosting.

The only notable difference is that the nameserver validation is not present. So if you would prefer to setup your domain name and website before changing the nameservers, or would prefer to not change your nameservers at all, you can do that on premium hosting.


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