Putting Ads On My Network

my Website http://downloadhome.rf.gd

I Tried Putting Propeller Ads On My Website After I Hit The Part About Verifing Website I Placed The Meta Tag And Uploaded The File To The WebSite And After I Tried To Verify The Website It didn’t Verify I Searched About How To Fix It They Said Place The Meta Tag In The Domain Not The SubDomain So Can you Guys Place My Meta Tag About Propeller Ads In Your Website Or Adscence If Adscence Accepts

I Already Have Account In Propeller Ads I Just Need To Verify My Website And Start Making Money To Upgrade My Hosting
My Meta Tag :

<meta name="propeller" content="0b36c61eb8d6334a6d76be5aab0242b0">
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You could use Google Adsense if you want, it makes a lot easier to place ads.

Google Adscence Doesn’t Accept SubDomains I Tried :frowning: The Problem Is I Tried To Get A Domain From Freenom The Always Deny My Requests Saying There Was A System Mistake :expressionless:

I could get you a domain on freenom it just worked for me. Do you want me to make an account and get a domain?

Also ADS systems might don’t like free subdomains, and free domains too.


I Just Wanted To Put Ads Like Put The Meta Tag In The RF.gd Html File And Thanks Alot

If U Know Way To Fix Mine I Live In Syria Everything Is Set Up But It Keeps Stoping My Requests

In freenom, When they say that, Most of the time the domain appears in the client area anyway, regardless of the error


you cant verify sub domains in propeller ads you can try using infollinks

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For Me It didn’t

Oh, You can contact freenom at many ways using their website (freenom.com), ANd i’m sure they’ll have a look at it if you ask.

Use a VPN or change your DNS into and before registering a domain on freenom.

Thx I Will Try Changing DNS because I already tried VPN didn’t work

Actually You can get adsense approved for free domains. I first got my adsense approved for .tk domain so TLD doesn’t matter.

Freenom Always Deny My Domain Requests

Yes Please Make Me Gmail Account And Send Me The Password And Gmail Please

Make another account on freenom
Your old accout might got banned.

And Should I Make Fake Details Like Country And Number Because Freenom Is Banned In Syria


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Ok I Will Try Thanks Guys