Putenv PHP Extension

Hello, i’m installing something and it says that Putenv PHP Extension is required but how do i enable that?

What are you installing exactly? I can’t think of any reason an application would require that extension.

The putenv PHP extension is not available on our servers and cannot be enabled at the moment, sadly.

I’m installing a music website

I’m installing a music website

Is there anyway you could only allow it for that website or something i could do so i don’t need that puntev php

I’m installing a music website

I am not sure either why would you require Putenv PHP extension. Keep in mind that file sharing/hosting and streaming-based services are not allowed on our free hosting.

Our hosting is intended to be used only for static-generated content rather than being used for hosting app-based websites like file storages, page generators and other kinds of these websites.

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I’m installing a music website

Can you please tell the exact name and version of the script you are trying to install? I can’t verify an issue if I only have a generic description of the script being used.

What i’m trying to install is a music script that i bought. It’s called Youtubify v1.8 and all it allows u to do is litsen to music

So, could u help or?