PUT and DELETE methods

Hi, I upload my web to this host, all works well but when I try to use the methods PUT or DELETE the web give me a error 403: Forbidden.

In my localhost all works, My web is http://timeinter.epizy.com/web, if you go to “tareas” (is tasks in spanish), you can see the tasks (GET), you can add tasks (POST), but you cant remove (DELETE) or modify (PUT) the tasks, my file .htaccess is correct.

In the top navbar if you go to email works too, because I use POST method.

Pls tell me if I can use these methods (PUT and DELETE) or I am doing something wrong.

InfinityFree is primarily aimed at hosting websites, not API services. To prevent malicious bots from accessing your website, we have security systems which ensure all visitors are using a regular web browser.

However, this system is only designed to work with GET and POST methods, because most websites only use those HTTP methods. Other methods, like PUT, DELETE and PATCH are not supported by this system because they are not generally used by websites.

We may add support for all HTTP methods in the future. But for now, you’ll have to fall back to POST methods or upgrade your hosting account.

Ok, thanks for answer