If ive designed and publishedmy website using 1 program and switch to a new program for future amendments or design etc will the new one over ride the old published one or will i need to delete all the files/folders in the htdoc folder.

It depends a lot about which software you’ve used before and what you’re using now. But as a rule of thumb, I think you always have to take manual action to make sure that your design, content, etc. are migrated to the new system. And it varies a lot as to how easy it is (or whether it’s even possible at all).

Can you share what you were using before and what you would like to switch to? Maybe we can tell you more about if/how to migrate your site.


Used wysiwyg web builder 18 thinking of using xara web designer premium

i never using xara. If don’t mistake read.
It says after saving on cloude. xara using FTP to final publish on web server where the settings is depends on 3rd party hosting provider. So it will replace on 3rd. But still save your data on your xara cloud.

It could be mean. If You want to migrate 3rd hosting profider. Dont delete your htdocs.

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Hi ive designed and publihed my site using wysiwyg web builder 18 im now looking at using xare web designer premium 19 to redesign and publsh all on infinityfree. Im wondering what, if anything, i need to do. Does one replace the other when i publish or do i need to delete files in the htdoc folder manually.

You probably want to do this first to prevent potentially conflicting files.


Is the question:
“I’m switching from X to Y, is there a special feature which can update my new site automatically or do I have to paste all the code myself?”
If so,
“In most cases, it is the best and only option to do it manually. Make a backup of previous htdocs folder, store the backup on your PC so in case somethings go south, we can always call the backup.
Once backup is done, paste all your new code inside htdocs.”


Thanks i was thinking that would be the case.

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