Publishing failed

can anyone help me ?
I’m getting this error while trying to publish any post, though I’m connected to the internet and the Network is working well.
anyone having same issue?

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Judging by the SSL warning in your browser bar, I would guess that you didn’t properly configure WordPress to use HTTPS URLs. Try installing the Really Simple SSL plugin and using it to fix your website configuration.

This configuration error may cause your WordPress page on HTTPS from trying to send a request to a page on HTTP, which is then blocked by the browser.

I’m not 100% sure if this will fix the error, but it will help you regardless.

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Hi admin,
The above issue is resolved but a new issue I’m facing is " site can’t reached"
see below-attached picture.

Hi Soundar,
The site was working properly but now there is an issue.

What issue?

BTW your site works fine from my end

issue at my end is this

could please attach the screenshot?

Maybe try to visit your website through VPN?

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Even clearing caches and i cleared my computer’s DNS cache but same issue is persisting .
any other suggestion to resolve this ?


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Are you trying from a different device, network or browser right now? Because any of those things could have old data and still believe your site doesn’t exist yet. That’s why on some devices/browsers/networks your website does work and on others it doesn’t.

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