Publish after modifying a file

Pour débutant en html/css/js

Bonjour je viens de mettre en ligne une page html, je peux parfaitement y accéder.
Mais, quand je modifie un fichier sois directement sur le site soit en téléchargeant une nouvelle version il ne se passe aucune modification !

Translated by a moderator - please use English only
Hello, I have just uploaded an HTML page, I can access it perfectly.
But, when I modify a file, either directly on the site or by downloading a new version, no modification happens!

Hi and welcome to the forum! Please note that this is an English-speaking forum and so you must speak in English or at least provide an accurate translation of what you wrote. The mod already did that for you for the second post, so I didn’t even need to translate it for you, but for the first one I already translated it for you:

Anyway, as for your problem, please clear your browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl+F5 while visiting your website. If that doesn’t work, because some browsers are stubborn, then follow this:


Thank’s a lot, it’s ok now, you’re great