Proglem with FTP conection.

Hello, I have a problem with FTP conection:
What I need to do, help please!

Hello @JackWolf. Please try the simplest thing that usually resolves all the problems-Logging out your hosting account, logging in again and going to File manager again or to the cPanel directory that you tried to connect to.

Log out of your hosting account and then try again. This usually solves all the problems. If no, then it may be issue with our servers. I will ask about it to the Administrator.

Happy to help,


I have the same problem :frowning:

???, ???

Mike, please ask the Administrator what happend.

Igisimbaev, ??? ?? ??? ? ???

@JackWolf I asked him, but it may take some time while he will reply.

There are a few different things which could happen:

  1. The server could be unavailable.
  2. Your account could be unavailable
  3. The file manager could be unavailable.

Number 3 is easy to test on your own, just try to connect using another FTP client like FileZilla. For number 2, I’d need your username to check it.

Hello Jack,

I’m sincerely sorry, however the FTP server appears to be in a critical state. I’ve just had to make a public service announcement for my reseller clients.

I have confirmed with iFastNet that it is an issue at their end and they are investigating it at this very moment.

Would you like me to notify you when the issue has been resolved by the iFastNet staff?

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Guys, thank you, for your answers, FTP now is avaible.