Problems with Uploaded WordPress 6.0.1 and free Elementor Website

My website is supposed to work from, to start with, a WordPress install at

Its login credentials are:

username: HIDDEN BY MOD
password: HIDDEN BY MOD

I cannot do a standard Page edit, or a free Elementor edit, while running this WordPress instance, and I am going to need to. What is going wrong here, is there a simple fix that I can do or that an InfinityFree administrator can do, and how can this Page Editor running problem be repaired for the instance of WordPress that can be found at the above link?

The use of Elementor on Free hosting is discouraged because of how many resources it consumes, which also leads to quicker suspensions.

Yes. Remove Elementor. And generally, there’s nothing an administrator can do because it’s your website, and you must adhere to the limits, one of which is trying to solve your own problems. But, whatever you do, don’t just willy-nilly add plug-ins! it’ll only make the problem worse doing so.

If removing Elementor doesn’t help, maybe try reinstalling WordPress.


Could you please start by explaining what the issue actually is? You say you “cannot do an edit”. What are you editing, and what do you see while editing?

I’m happy to help, but I’m not going to troubleshoot your entire website for you because “it doesn’t work” whatever that may mean. Please describe the issue so we we know what to help you with.


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