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“404 - the page you’re looking for can’t be found!”

Other Information

Lots of html pages are working normally, but whenever I upload or create new html files, the files give an error message as if the pages don’t exist. All of the permissions are exactly the same as the other working html pages.

It’s about these pages currently, but it happens whenever I add or create a new html file:
NLcommissies.html - NLcomm-terms.html - ENcommissions.html - ENcomm-terms.html - NLportretten.html - NLglaswerken.html

Hope you’re able to help me out :slight_smile:

Seems ok

Images seems not loading due to CORS policy


Thanks! I forgot to check the directory.
The directory seems to be working normally for some of the new files, and it’s correct that the images weren’t loading, as I hadn’t changed the path to the images.

I figured out a new temporary solution, which is a bit time-consuming, but it’s working…
I’ve renamed the files and somehow they started working.


Given the naming of the files, please note that while Windows and MacOS do not have case sensitive files (by default at least), most Linux systems, which includes basically all web hosting services, do have case sensitive files.

This is why you see a directly listing instead of the home page: the server looks for a file index.html, and INDEX.html is not the same.

This could also be true for your image file names and the names of directories that contain them.


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