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I can’t even explain it properly but I’ll try to. My site is working fine for me but some of my friends are having issues opening it. They’re having the following error when trying to reach the site ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. This downdetector indicated that my site is up and running.

I’ve made a mistake. I’ve pasted the wrong link for the down detector: This is the downdetector


The down detector is showing that the error is on your site, and not the server.

My own experience of opening your site results in an endless loading cycle. My guess is that your friend’s browsers are recognizing this and showing an error, while yours may have the site cached.

Do you happen to be using WordPress on your website?

No, I never used WordPress on my website.

Hello, iHayyy,
It seems that “” isn’t even connected to InfinityFree.

First, double-check that it is even “”, lots of people mispronounce it.
Secondly, connnect your domain’s nameservers with and from the domain registrar (The place you registered “” from).

Let me know if anything is needed.


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