Problems with IP FTP

Hello I have two domains and two web pages and I see that they have the same IP of FTP, with which one of them gives this error:
Unable to login to FTP server with username epiz_20376792.
Are you sure your username and password are correct? Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.
The pages are:
Can you solve it?
Thank you.

Are you sure your username and password are correct?

Are they? Is your password correct? Does it match the password in the client area?

If the password is correct, but the ip is the same for both pages, is that correct?

@Mariano said:
If the password is correct, but the ip is the same for both pages, is that correct?

The IP address is correct. Unlike a traditional cPanel system, we have one big shared storage system where all account data is being stored. That provides some useful benefits, like immunity to HDD failure, or the ability to easily bring your website online on another server if one website server fails.

And it also means that we can use a single FTP gateway for all accounts.

Ok. I closed the account of and had a name and password (c-panel), I re-activated it and gave me another name and password (c-panel), which does not work for FTP and what if to enter In C-panel, but it turns out that in Filezilla if I put the old name and password (c-panel) if you connect to ftp file manager, this is crazy.
What I can do?
Thank you.

@Mariano I just tried to login to the account of, but I did not get an authentication error. The error I saw was the following:

421 Home directory not available - aborting

I’m going to check what can be done about this.

Your other account does not suffer from this issue, so you can login to it without any problem.

@Mariano Sorry for the late response. It turned out to be a temporary issue, your website came back online within minutes after checking it.

Hello, it still does not work nor does it let me create a page with Site Builder,
Should I delete the account again? And to activate it to see if it is arranged ?.
Thank you for your patience.

The account we were checking initially is still working fine. on the other hand is not. I’ve discussed it with a server admin, but it looks like the account has been completely corrupted. I’d recommend to remove your domain name from this account and create a new account.

Hello, EUREKA works, the problem was in the password, when I deactivated the account and re-activated I thought the password was the same, but I did not change it from there that I could not enter.
Thank you for your help and patience.

Hello, I can not configure Outlook, can you help me?
Thank you.

Yes, you cannot configure Outlook. That’s because using your own email programs with InfinityFree mailboxes is not possible. You can only use our webmail client at the moment. If you want IMAP, POP and SMTP support, you need to upgrade your account.