Problems with domain

i’m trying to use my old domain ( for a new website ( - about 40 hours ago I changed my ns settings to:
which is confirmed, but it still opens my old website. what’s the problem? How long i must wait?

You should also remove your domain from the old host too.

Did you also assign the domain name to your hosting account with us? Changing the nameservers is a requisite for adding a domain name to our hosting, but setting up the nameservers won’t automatically link the domain to your website. You can do that yourself through the Addon Domains or Parked Domains sections in your control panel.

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when i add my domain in Addon domain (or Parked Domains) report that domain is already in use.
I can’t access to my old account to deactive old account hosting because my old InfinityFree account epiz_22109520 (zrnovnica) is deactivated.

You’re right, the domain name is already in use. But it’s not in use on an InfinityFree account (especially because deactivated accounts cannot hold any domains). The domain is currently in use on Please login to your account there at


05/20/2018. I registered an account (epiz_22109520) as you can see in the screenshot of the email and it was definitely an infinityfree account (as you can see in the screenshot)
The NS settings were then as in the screenshot related to

access to cpanel via does not go with the username (epiz_22109520) and password from 05/20/2018 and I don’t know what to do anymore

You’re right, the account epiz_22109520 has definitely existed and was created on InfinityFree. But that account has already been deleted. And that’s not the account which currently holds your domain name.

The account at starts with b16_, not epiz_, because it’s not an InfinityFree account. And that’s basically all I know, because I can’t view the details of accounts on the platform which are not part of InfinityFree.

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when I was entering NS settings in 2018, they were identical to the ones that are now still written in your FAQ: (as I screenshot yesterday and as now say on your webisite support url:

Yesterday I create another account on different hosting ( also, there in the FAQ write the same NS (on the cpanel say different) and also the same problem

After that, I registered a third account with no mention of
and that’s where everything works, within an hour the domain has launched a new web site.

I’m sorry, if he could solve this problem I’d be glad to go back to infinityfree because you’re ok but for now it doesn’t make sense and all use the same platform we do. So some things (like the nameservers) are going to be the same with all providers. This is also the reason why you can’t use the domain name here if it’s already used on one of those other providers.


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