Problems with Astra-InfinityFree-Wordpress

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Error Message

“There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”
“Ha habido un error crítico en esta web. Por favor, comprueba la bandeja de entrada del correo electrónico del administrador de tu sitio para obtener instrucciones.”

Aprende más sobre el diagnóstico de WordPress.

Other Information

I am having problems with astra when trying to access the personalization menu. Every time I enter it gives me an http 500 error. When trying to reload the page it includes the aforementioned email message. I can’t edit with Astra no matter how hard I try. I need help

Hi and welcome to the forum

I assume that you have too many plugins and when you go to the theme customizer you run out of memory and you get the error 500

Just for woocommerce plugin is recommended 256MB RAM and you probably have a few more plugins plus Astra, but the max memory limit on the server that can be assigned to your website is 128MB

And some files are missing as far as I can see


that sounds a bit wrong
Is there anything I can do? I think you mention that the maximum I can use is 128. Would uninstalling some plugins work?
I am currently making a test page for a first cycle university exhibition, it is nothing serious

I’m just looking for it to work with the basics and have the traditional


It would certainly be better for the speed of your WP to use only essential plugins and themes.
Why E500 occurs is just my guess - maybe it’s just a conflict with some other plugin


Website builders in WordPress tend to be big and sow and need big hosting to run properly. Free hosting is free, so the amount of server power you get is limited.

That said, that’s mostly an educated guess. Maybe we can find out more about why it breaks, and get a real error message from PHP.

For the generic HTTP ERROR 500, you can enable display errors like this:

But WordPress overrides this setting and has it’s own debug setting instead:

If you enable these options and then try again, you should see a more technical error message that may give more information.


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