problems viewing my website at prestashop

hey there
I’ve got a big problem for days I can not upload files to my domain, and I dont know why is the reason, the first day I uploaded prestashop and uploaded all of the files,But it does not work so I decided deleted all of them and go back to trying, this time from cpanel, I have to say that did not work either, Now appears a I’m stubborn… Can anyone help me,please? I not idea how to solve the problem
the error that says is: “Download It appears the document root for the domain name does not exist, please contact support 89347349288”

Did you delete the htdocs folder of your account by any chance? If so, that’s the reason your website doesn’t work. I’ve just recreated the htdocs folder for you, and your website seems to be working once again.

the same thing hapened to me, accidentaly I erase the folder can you help me please

Same goes for me. My Directory is missing. My credential is correct. Email me please

Are you sure you’re experiencing the same issue as someone else two months ago?

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