Problems udpating my WP - Directory listing page

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Directory listing in where should be the wp-admin homepage

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I tried to automatically update my wordpress and I couldn’t. Now I am trying to update it manually but I get the Directory Listing in my wp-admin page. I do not know what to do

I think you have a broken installation on that site. If you don’t have a backup, you will need to re-install wp.

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I never can do a back up, I don’t know why, I’m thinking to go to hostinger

You have to do a manual backup using FTP. Plugin backups are never recommended (On all hosts) because they will become useless if your site breaks.

A bit off topic. IMO - WordPress is a nice piece of software but I feel it has issues with security and bloat. What I mean is the number of files needed for a simple site is crazy big.

As far as security goes, well WP is so popular that hackers simply do a scan for WP sites and in particular certain files that are often overlooked during installation. Once your site has been identified, it goes on a list. This list is then used by people trying to gain access to your site and people trying to use your commenting system for spam.

You will often find that a large portion of your daily traffic is in fact from the spammers, scammers, and hackers trying to exploit your WP installation. This is why I went to static html.

Static html has some limitations but the trade off for me is well worth it. My last WP installation (years ago) was getting hundreds of login attempts daily from different ips. My ip blacklist was loaded. Keeping up with all that plus the commenting system spam was just not worth it.

In any case, I hope you work out your site issues and get everything working the way you want.


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