Problems regarding SSL

Hello, i have some questions regarding SSL activation:

I followed this guide 100%

But I’m stuck here:

" 1. Copy the CSR text, and send it to your SSL certificate vendor. Follow their instructions in order to complete your SSL order."

My SSL vendor is Lets Encrypt, i cant find their contact details.
Is there a way to contact them via Infinity Free? Or do i have to manually contact them for each domain i want SSL on?

I don’t know where you found that one, but it seams super out-dated.

Try this:

Let’s encrypt is it supported in Infinityfree. As by default my control panel didn’t allowed me to do that.

Hence I went with the gogetssl.

Although getting ssl certificate from let’s encrypt is a plus always.

It says this under the section “If you don’t have a private key”.

If you got your Let’s Encrypt certificate through us, you will have received a private key from us. Which means that this section does not apply to you. Instead, you should follow the instructions from the section “If you already have a private key”.

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit organization, and they do not have a help desk you can contact. All they do is offer an programmatic interface to get SSL certificates. The InfinityFree dashboard hooks into that.

Which files you get and how you install them is unrelated to Let’s Encrypt, because all they do is provide certificates. How you request and install those certificates is an InfinityFree thing.

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Hey Admin,

Thanks for the quick reply! Great work.
I figured it out finally. Thanks!

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