Probleme daccess base de donnee Mysql

That’s because your database export includes statements that try to create a database with the name farma to import the data to. But on our hosting, you can only create databases through our panel, so that will not work.

If you still have access to the source database from where this export was created, the easiest way is to create a dump that only contains the contents of the farma database, without the statements to create the database itself. If you need help with that, we may be able to help you, if you can tell us more where you got this dump from and what tools you used to get it.

Alternatively, you can edit the dump yourself to make it work. I think you’ll need to make two changes (make sure to keep a backup!):

  • Remove the line that starts with CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS.
  • Remove the line that says USE `farma`;

Both of those lines should be near the top of the file.

After making the changes, please try to import the dump again.