Probleme daccess base de donnee Mysql

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Access denied for user ‘epiz_xxxxxx’@‘*’

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I had an error (Access denied for user ‘epiz_xxxxxx’@‘*’) when importing my database. in my case, I can access the database and everything). so today when testing the functions of the site to make sure they are all working, I realized that none of the functions added to the database are working… Remembering that this error I received when I imported my database. urgently?


but the problem what this message I received assito I imported it. I had not tried any access before receiving this problem. and in my message above I reminded you that the configuration has been verified. the password, hostname, username, namedatabase, and others. I manage to have access to my database but, why did I receive the other error message during the import? it was then today that I understood that this error is the basis of the fact that all the function add of my site no longer work

for more detail: this is the error:

-- Base de données : `farma`

**MySQL a répondu :** [![Documentation]( "Documentation")](

`#1044 - Access denied for user: 'epiz_xxxxxx9@''. Base 'farma'`

You cannot create a database in the PHPMyAdmin tool. You have to use the “MySQL” Databases" section in the control panel.

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I didn’t understand. Where and how should I create one then? explain me better please

Just read my post again. In the control panel, locate the MySQL section (NOT php myadmin) and add the db there.


here I have two options: phpmyadmin and then database Mysql, so following your instruction I created the database in database mysql and despite this, I still continue to have the same errors

That’s because your database export includes statements that try to create a database with the name farma to import the data to. But on our hosting, you can only create databases through our panel, so that will not work.

If you still have access to the source database from where this export was created, the easiest way is to create a dump that only contains the contents of the farma database, without the statements to create the database itself. If you need help with that, we may be able to help you, if you can tell us more where you got this dump from and what tools you used to get it.

Alternatively, you can edit the dump yourself to make it work. I think you’ll need to make two changes (make sure to keep a backup!):

  • Remove the line that starts with CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS.
  • Remove the line that says USE `farma`;

Both of those lines should be near the top of the file.

After making the changes, please try to import the dump again.


And here is the info that helped me solve the problem. Thank you very much. I just had to export the contents of my database because the database itself contained instructions. Once again, thank you

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