Problema configurazione DNS

Ciao il mio username è epiz_30419514.
Vorrei aggiungere al mio profilo il dominio
Il dominio è registrato su e ho modificato 2 giorni fa i DNS inserendo

Se provo ad aggiungere un dominio sul mio account però mi esce la schermata caricata

Potreste risolvere il problema per cortesia

Hi my username is epiz_30419514.
I want to insert an addon domain called
The domain is on, and i have changed 2 days ago DNS in:

When i try to in insert the domain, this is the response

Can you fix the problem quickly please

Please note DNS changes can take up to 72 hours. You may also try removing the nameservers and adding them again.

If you try our Domain Checker tool, you’ll see that the nameservers for your domain name are currently and You can also verify this with any other DNS lookup tool.

So please contact your domain provider about this, as it seems that the settings in their panel are not being applied to your domain name.

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I checked on a common DNS lookup tool and i see the same as you. I wrote to register assistance and they told me:

*I’m sorry to inform you that the Italian Registration Authority doesn’t accept the DNS change you have submitted. *
*In order to verify the reason why your request failed, I kindly invite you to check the DNS configuration at the following link: *

*Verifica DNS | Registro .it *

**Please insert both the domain name and the DNS you would like to use and click on the red button “DNS Configuration Check”. **
I suggest you to forward the error message to your DNS hostmaster

The Dns check ive me this response

Unfortunately, I think you ran into this:


To understand.
My domain ends with .it
The domain is on
If i modify the domain in .com i’ll solve the problem? Or i have to change one between register and infinity?

You’ll definitely need to change to a different extension if you want to host this domain with us. A .com domain is a great choice for this.

Even though the .com registry does not do any nameserver checks, your domain provider might. I’d say it’s safe to try, but you can also register the domain with a known good provider like NameSilo.

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