Problem with webmail

I have problems with the mailbox that only sends messages and does not receive messages.
I have configured mx settings to about 2 days ago.
This my website: ( Note: This domain has been pointed to hosting by dns )

I checked MX records for, but the non-www version of that domain seems to have broken DNS records. Can you please remove all email accounts and the MX records for your domain, then remove the domain and re-add it from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, upload your website files to with a FTP client, and then re-add the email accounts and the MX record for your domain, and check if it works?


Thank you for the quick response

I followed the instructions, but when I entered to add mx, I found it was automatically added to
Am I changing it to

Yes, you are.


Unfortunately, the same problem it is sending messages, but it does not receive any messages !!

Where exactly are you unable to receive email on? I checked your account and I don’t see any email accounts or forwarders.


Thank you for caring about my problem, I have tried once with Yahoo and again with gmail
I think problems have happened with Yahoo

are you trying to forward to gmail? It won’t work because of how infinityfree has your emails sent. It’s sent from infinityfree servers, then when gmail recieves it, it checks the domain where the email sender is, and who actually sent it.
If it doesn’t match, it goes into the spam folder, or gets deleted automatically.


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