Problem with upload

My website URL is:
I’m using this software: file manager on web browser
Additional information:

What I’m seeing is: The upload filed: Error durring FTP upload, at “/” : STOP command failed )path: kinoteka.da/htdocs/ANYFILE.php),

What do you mean by ANYFILE?

i mean on every file i got this msg, afer skiping too

also on FTP client too (CuteFTP,WINcsp,FileZilla)

huh :slight_smile: just now i checked all domains and i cant upload anything on any domains folder

It looks something is temporary down in some volumes.


so just wait or what to do?

I just tried to upload a file through FileZilla, and FileZilla gave me a clear error message:

Response:	553 Can't open that file: Disk quota exceeded

In your control panel, I see that you have reach the INODE limit for your account.

Please see this article for more information about what this means and what you can do to reduce your usage:


strange… there is uploaded only 2 ENGINE of DLE (~3200 files) AND 1 ENGINE of XENFORO(~4500 files) … toghether its must be ~8000 files… WHY i see in CP this > → Inodes Used 100 % (34667 of 30019)

Try not using these scripts?

Scripts? you means WEB Engines? i know well only that coz i`m using they

do u downlaod these engines or scripts from softaclous?

no, i just checked PROPERTIES of UPLOAD folder for see how many files they contains…

never heard about this but these engines maybe more than 8k files. Probably you forgot something. If u didn’t forget anything try deleting useless files and continue using tommorow. (I’m sorry If u didn’t understood what did I said the sorry cuz I speak other languache, I try my best to help and speak english)

they both are official

and there cant be any hiden of bad sctipts…(long time im using they)
aslo engines are uploaded few days ago and there can`t be more files than i uploaded

hmm, I think @Ergastolator1 will give better help with inodes problem. Sorry I use this host only for month

Please note: Directories are also being counted. It looks there’re another files rather than these two files you mentioned.


other files? 22000 file?

I don’t think that’s on a forum can have that much folders

Softaclous Scripts are the scripts which auto build a page for your site. Like you want a forum you can choose from over 10 scripts which will use lower than 5%. Or omg go to premium plan,that’s gonna be a big brain movement