Problem with switching

My domain was suspended cause of hitting limits, I switched my name server and everything to Google Cloud ns, I was able to login to my Wordpress Site ( Switched version ) then when I installed the plugin and activated it, it took me to IFastNet domain suspended page again , I cannot remove site from infinityFree cause they won’t let me access remove page as domain is suspended , So is there any way @admin can remove the site from my account or just delete the whole account ?
Account - epiz_23618526
Website -
I’m able to access the site if I go through but for its not working , it says refused to connect

For me it works, even with the redirect via IP connection ( - GCP IP). For you it’s just a cache problem. Try to remove the cache on your browser or use

I can guarantee you that deleting anything with us will not magically fix a website which is hosted elsewhere. You can delete the domain from your account and close the account, but doing so will not magically make the world check the new IP address of your website.

If your domain name does not work with your new server, then it’s a configuration problem with your domain name. I see it’s currently using Cloudflare? Did you setup the right DNS records at Cloudflare to point the domain to your server?

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