Problem with storage

Hello everyone :slight_smile: !

I want to know something about the free hosting… Im interested to buy the premium host but i want to know… On the cpanel, it’s wrote “32mb/Unlimited” on the storage limit… This want to mean I have unlimited storage ? image|365x500

(this will not change my purchase decision, storage is just a bonus)

You can view the storage limitations for individual plans on iFastNet’s website. But most of the plans also have unlimited storage.


I asked about the free plan ! :slight_smile: thank for the link :wink:

Ah, right, I got confused by the references to premium hosting.

Like the counter in the control panel says (as well as our home page), there is no hard limit on disk usage for free hosting.

That said, there are restrictions on what you can use it for. You can only use the storage space to host normal website files. Using the storage to host files to share, or to store files for backups, or any other storage application which is not related to a normal website, is not allowed.


Well, it simply means you have used 32MB out of Unlimited memory.

That’s how cPanel writes it. If the account were limited (say, 500MB), it would have said 32MB/500MB.


Thank :slight_smile:

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