Problem With SSL

Hello, I have requested my SSL and I have settled up but doing a lookup we have a problem with the certificate
How can I solve it
Here you will find the screenshot of the lookup
Please help me

Ok theres nothing i think thats wrong! just follow what it says! if its not secure then go through it once more, you probably missed something!

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How can i install an intermediate/chain SSL ceritficate?

You can’t install certificate chains on free hosting; even though the server lacks certificate chain support, your website will still work fine for most of the browsers available today. If you still insist in installing a certificate chain, Cloudflare (even though it isn’t supported on subdomains of the free hosting platform) installs a certificate along with a chain on their network for free.


I am using the infinityfree ssl not cloudflare

That’s what @Ergastolator1 said. This is what happens if you use our SSL system. Using Cloudflare is a workaround. You wouldn’t have this issue if you were using Cloudflare.


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