Problem with redirection of my site

Helo from Croatia.Please can someone help.Before i please sory for bad writening of English.My  problem is next.After migration of my wordpress site from ifasnet server to infinity server with my i set my DNS to and on my domain cpanel but when i go to my domain its redirect me to my old server of ifasnet.When i tried to add a domain it give to me a error ( is already assigned and in use.2)What can be the problem?

I don’t know. I’d be happy to check it for you, but I would need to know your actual domain name, not just a placeholder, to look it up.

Thank you for your replay my domain name is and this is my responde from domain admin 
My server acounton from ifasnet is suspended  and i cant login to relase my domain from cpanel in ifasnet,i whood be very apriciating if you can do something from your side to help.Problem whas with ifasnet because thay whas suspend my acount without any notification to me,not even a email thay did not send to me and my website whas down for more than one month,the reason whay they suspend me whas because thay say to me that i must buy from them a paid plan.It whas like blackmail to me,thay even did not give to me that i download my website data whot whas very disapointment for me.Fortunately i had my backup files.Thank you 
Thank you. I see the domain name is currently locked by iFastNet. Unfortunately, we don't have access to their premium servers, so I can't remove your domain name from there.

If you can't access the account anymore yourself, please contact iFastNet to get this issue resolved: