Problem with my domain namee

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
wrong domain

I’m using this software:
i am using wordpress

Additional information:
created ny domain with freenom and when i installed wordpress i changed ‘wp’ to ‘’

The website is “working” for me. When did you create the website?

now i am getting error with the website

wrong domain ?

Can you be a little more informative ?
For example what kind of error ?

if you do not want to have a /WP/ in the address (call WP with sub/domain)
and you haven’t edited your page but it’s a fresh empty template (than there won’t be any harm)
you can just delete the old installation, go back to Softaculous and install it again with the right directory. Double and triple check the “ Directory ” field in Softaculous, it should be empty if you don’t want a subdirectory!

softaculous - if you want to uninstall
on the toolbar (up right) the box icon is located (the mouse above that icon will write “all installations”)
click it
and then

If i uninstall what is going to happen to my website?

What if i have adited the page, What can i do then?

When I say “edited”
I mean that you haven’t lost a few hours editing the page.
As far as I can see you have only arranged the title and that’s all.
If it is indeed so - then you have nothing to lose if you make an uninstall
and install again but this time make sure you do not have /wp/ dir

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