Problem with email from website and "contact form 7" (WP plugin)

i tried to make a contact form on Wordpress but e mail admin doesn’t change with another personal email.i must create a new one from website?i tried of the email accounts but there is no field to write the new mail and password

You need to use an external mail service. You will also need to set up Mx records.
Also, the built in mail service is disabled because of some issues (Please don’t ask for it back).

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Why to don’t ask?i must understand…it is blocked for me or generally?

Disabled for all, except currently existing accounts (created before the takedown). That is why you need to use an external mail service. Consider Zoho, Yandex, etc.

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You’ll need to use some kind of external service, both for sending and receiving email. You can use an email service on your own domain for that, but a free Gmail account also works for both.

All I can tell you is that we don’t provide email hosting anymore and heavily restrict outbound email from websites.


Please tell me , i need different emails to put in ‘‘To’’ and ‘‘From’’ or the same?because contact form does not operate.

It doesn’t matter, you are able to still send it?

Propably i don’t know… that’s why i am asking.

There is a very simple way to find out you know: just hit the send button and see what happens!

Alternatively, you could just enter a random From address in your own domain and see if that works. I know that Gmail discards that setting anyways and just puts your own email address in there. Maybe Zoho does the same.


I have already test it but doesn’t work…with this two different mails. Zoho and Gmail.

Just to clarify: you will need a different email service to receive and send email from your website.

To send email with another email provider, you’ll need to configure your website to use that other email provider. A good option is WP Mail SMTP, which sends email over SMTP, which is a system supported by almost all email providers. Through that plugin, you can configure your Zoho account to send email with, or configure another provider of your choice.

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