Problem with domain

I had my website in infinity free but I decided to take it to another hosting since I needed more space. now when I enter the domain (which I had in Namesilo), it redirects me to a page with iFast advertising. How do I avoid this?
My URL is

Please see this article:

And read the “You are moving the domain to another hosting provider” section.

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I mean, it’s just a matter of time?
thank you.

Yes, or:

First of all, when moving your domain elsewhere, you should keep the old account active for a few more days while the traffic moves over. You can continue to serve your old website on the old account (although you risk losing data if people make changes on the old account), or you can replace your website with a maintenance page telling them about the migration. In any case, keeping the old site active for a few more days allows you to choose what your visitors will see while you’re moving the domain.

So just reactivate your account and leave it active for a few more days.

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